3 Social Media Tips for Your Church

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Social media has become one of the most popular mediums to communicate.  Users love it, because we are social beings in nature.  That’s how God made us. In Mark 16:15, God is instructing us to go into the world and preach the good news.  As someone who works in ministry, this is the premise for why we do what we do.  Today, social media is one of the ways to initiate that conversation!

One of goals should be to focus on optimizing how and when we communicate.  As our exposure increases, so does the message of the good news! There are three ways that you can increase the exposure in your church right away. 

1. Offer Value

Social Media is driven based on the end user experience.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram are freemium model platforms, which means their goal is to acquire as many users as possible.  They make their money on how many users they have in their database and how often those users interact on their platform.  With that being said, they will always, always, always provide the most enjoyable experience possible for those free users.  As an example, Facebook has built an algorithm that will show pages based on users behavior on a particular page. If a page doesn’t get much interaction, that means that it doesn’t offer much value according to Facebook.  Value isn’t tied to dollars and cents.  It’s tied to what a particular user receives for their time and resources. In ministry, value is offering words of encouragement, a Bible verse of the day, information on upcoming events, etc.  Focus on the end-user value side of social media as opposed to broadcasting what is valuable to your church.

2. Interact

Speaking of broadcasting, interaction is extremely important to understand with social media.  This is less about the technical side of social media and more on the social side.  Have you ever spoke to someone that didn’t listen to a word you said?  It goes something like this:

    You – “Today at work, John and I met with Sarah from the Journey Church, and we are going to partner with them on a food drive.”

    The other person – “…” 

    You – “Did you hear me?”

The same thing happens on social media.  If your congregation and community are talking with you on digital platforms, you need to respond. The first thing to do is to not let a question go unanswered on one of your posts.  Our second recommendation that has helped tremendously with the churches that we have worked with is following up with a quick “Thank you for the follow!” on Twitter.  It’s very personal to the user who just followed you — they love it!

3. Keep it to one source

This is going to free you up and minimize stress tremendously. Instead of going platform to platform with multiple “workaround” approaches, do yourself a favor with this. There are multiple tools out there to schedule posts; we suggest Hootsuite.  It is user friendly and free to use for your first three social media accounts.  Our suggestion would be Facebook and Twitter for the scale that they each provide, and the third one should be Google+. Utilizing Google+ in an effective way improves your search engine optimization (SEO). That means, it helps users find your church website when they are looking for churches on Google.  Using a social media management platform will allow you not to miss users who interact with you, and you can schedule posts and tweets in advance.

How great would it be if you could hire your own Marketing Director to help with these things?  They would help strategize your assimilation process, manage projects, and help facilitate best practices from the fastest-growing churches in the country. 

What about us?

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When you sign up for My Church Marketing Director, among other things, we will tell you how you can use social media to actually help encourage spiritual and quantitative growth.

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